19 05, 2018

Pine Martens at Loch View cottage

2018-08-13T16:35:29+01:00 May 19th, 2018|Wildlife|

    There is a lot of wildlife to see in Ardnamurchan and we usually tell guests that pine marten visits to the cottage are 'virtually guaranteed'. Last week though we had wildlife photographer Liz Cutting staying at the cottage and the pine martens got a bit coy, only visiting a couple of times after dark. A bit disappointing and very unusual but Liz was good enough to send us a couple of images from her stay here last year. stunning!      

11 02, 2018

Feral goats at Loch View Cottage

2018-02-11T22:42:51+00:00 February 11th, 2018|Wildlife|

  The first task for any aspiring Ardnamurchan gardener is to erect a high fence. The red deer and these feral goats can make short work of virtually anything that grows but they do brighten up a drive along the single track roads as they gorge on the greenery from the verges. They are beautiful animals to observe, as long as they are not in your asparagus patch!