26 11, 2019

Loch View Cottage for Angling

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Its been a long time since I fished at Loch View Cottage but while doing some winter upgrade work I stumbled across an old rod and reel and since it was such a good day I had a cast or two. The fishing from the rocks was good and the pollock were giving themselves up. I never caught any monsters this time but I kept a couple for dinner. There is nothing tastier than fresh caught fish in beer batter!

7 01, 2019

Thank You!

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Fiona and I would like to thank everyone who stayed in 2018 and a special thanks to those who got in touch after their return home to tell us about the wildlife they had seen or talk about their experiences of Ardnamurchan. Biggest thanks of the year goes to Dave Renney and Carol from Washington, Tyne and Wear who not only encountered the 'Big Five' of Ardnamurchan wildlife but left us this extraordinary wood burning to commemorate their stay. It now has pride of place in Loch View Cottage and will no doubt be enjoyed by many guests in the coming year.