About us and our location

couple cuddling Loch View Cottage has been operated as a self catering unit attached to the Clan Morrison Hotel for over 30 years. In July 2005 we stayed at the hotel and liked it so much we bought the cottage. The sale went through in the December and we spent 6 months renovating and upgrading the accommodation. The hotel is now closed to business and in a derelict condition. Sian and Alan Morrison live in the part of the old hotel which is furthest from the Cottage.

In 2013 we retired from our jobs in Edinburgh and Moved to Seil Island outside Oban to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life. Its not quite as scenic as Ardnamurchan but it is very beautiful too and is a lot closer than Edinburgh!

We have tried to provide everything that is required for a comfortable stay and hope that out guests find the area as captivating as we have.

Great location for fishing

man fishing

Many guests go fishing and the waters of Loch Sunart and the many fresh water Lochs have been productive in the past. There are generally mackerel in the summer months and the pollock fishing from the rocks can be good but unreliable. If you have stayed with us and landed a tiddler or a whopper we would be delighted to include your pictures via our Facebook page. Tight Lines!

Wildlife you may encounter



Otters are plentiful around Loch View Cottage but they are shy animals and often difficult to spot. A walk along the shore usually uncovers signs of otter from dismembered crabs and fish tails to lines of bubbles weaving through the kelp.



Herds of red deer roam the peninsula and some of the hinds and young have become brave enough to steal titbits from the bird table. The rut in October can be fascinating if the stags are close but on occasion can keep guests awake at night!



Golden Eagles and Sea Eagles can often be spotted in the sky above Loch Sunart, a sight never to be forgotten when you are lucky enough to spot one.

pine marten

Pine Martens

Ideal spot for observing the Pine Marten, a species considered rare elsewhere in the UK but thriving in Ardnamurchan.

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